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Youth Travel Spots

Youth Travel Spots

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  • Keelung Ocean Youth Travel Spot


    Our purpose is through these activities to let all the youth 

    can understand the diverse characteristics of the ocean.

    On Keelung Island, they can learn about the plants native to Taiwan, 

    as well as the rich geological landscape and the fishing field.

    From Keelung’s characteristic of fishing:through the Squid,

    we can learn about the abundance and the ocean pollution of Taiwan.

    It is expected that the integration of experience itinerary and fish-eating education will allow young people to better understand Taiwan’s fishery culture and industrial characteristics.


    1. In-depth understanding seafood cultu...
  • Baimiweng Experimental Youth Travel Spot, Keelung
    1. Heed the call of mountains and sea
  • Keelung Ocean City Youth Travel Spot

    Language:Mandarin, English

    1. Ascent of Wangyougu
    2. Dioscorea an...
  • Keelung Culture and History Youth Travel Spot
    1. Learn about fort culture
    2. Experie...
  • Beitou, Taipei Youth Travel Spot


    1. Blue dye DIY
    2. Hot spring history ...
  • Taipei Back In Time Youth Travel Spot


    1. Handmade blue dye
    2. Life in farmin...
  • Maokong, Taipei Youth Travel Spot
    1. Guided tour of Maokong’s culture, te...
  • Taipei Bat Watch Youth Travel Spot
    1. Bat eco-education and observation
  • Shimen, New Taipei Youth Travel Spot


    IPOWER Alliance NPO cultivate community with youth empowerment. We design different education programs for our youth to explore their carrer path as well as community development. 

    During the journey, you will expereince different layers of experiential learning design to engage yourself with our youth and the community. Your reflection will become power to improve what we have been achvining. Your reflection will possibly be part of the change for yourself to bring more ideas into actions with us.

    Regional Empowerment Educational Tour

    1.Sound Bath: Meditate Ourselves

    2.Slow Food: Smooth Mood

    3.Upcycle: Toys From Trash

    4.The World Cafe: Community-related Topics

    Now, welcome to North Coastline of Taiwan.

    1. Community issue salon
    2. Upcycle be...
  • Sanzhi Experimental Youth Travel Spot, New Taipei
    1. Sanzhi in-depth walking tour
    2. Far...
  • Sanying, New Taipei Youth Travel Spot


    1. Yingge ceramics humanities exploration

    2. Sancha Literature Town Zhuangyou

    3. Sawuhua tribe learning

    4. Tu Santun Environmental Service Experience Learning

    5. Yingge ceramic kiln town life

    6. Go to the kiln factory to know the pottery kiln, and experience the kiln temperature, kiln fire and kiln just after the kiln.

    1. Explore Yingge, home to potteries an...
  • Shenkeng, New Taipei Youth Travel Spot


    1.Shenkeng Old Street:Understanding the development history of Shenkeng Old Street(Lao Cai Architecture, Lao Cai Humanities Industry Development)。 2.Tofu features:History of tofu culture development in Shenkeng and hand-made tofu experience。 3.Farming experience:Through the explanation and demonstration operation of local agricultural experts, participants can experience the ancient agricultural life for themselves。 4.Ancient trail:Through the on-site investigation of various ancient trails, to understand the relationship between ancient trails and local cultural industries, and take this to take a refreshing journey of body and soul。 5.Tea culture experience:Learn about the history of the development of Shenkeng tea culture, experience a tea ceremony culture on the spot, and take a morning tea tour。

    1. New look at an ancient path
    2. Get ...
  • Jingtong Experimental Youth Travel Spot, New Taipei

    1. By choosing to take public transportation (bus 795) and having meals based on natural vegetables, we choose a way that is less polluting and saves resources during travelling.

    2. The first tourist guide route in New Taipei City that focuses on recording women's stories.

    3. Local experts would lead us to know Shiding Shibachongxi, and talk about the revitalization of Firefly Bookstore.

    4. Share the most impressive Jingtong female power story.

    5. Talk about regional revitalization from sky lanterns and delicacy.

    6. Environmental sustainability is an issue that all people must face together, but how to implement it in everyone‵s life?

    1. Women’s perspective guided tour of J...
  • Shifen Experimental Youth Travel Spot, New Taipei
    1. Cultural heritage stroll
    2. Shifen ...
  • Shiding Experimental Youth Travel Spot, New Taipei
    1. In-depth trek along the Tamsui-Kaval...
  • Qapu Tribe, Taoyuan Youth Travel Spot

    Living in the city, working long hours, inhaling a polluted air every day. Don’t you feel exhausted ? Isn’t your body already ringing the alarm ?

    Leave the fast pace for a short time, take a trip to Taiwan Road 7, enter the bamboo forest - "Qapu Tribe of Fuxing District", and take a light travel in the mountains and forests.

    Let‵s experience the light-hearted life of Atayal folk by gathering, hunting, eating and learning about the bamboo culture together!

    1. Bamboo is by essence very convenient and sustainable. It grows fast, doesn’t require a lot of care and resources. It is also easy to find, harvest and work with. Therefore Atayal people have multiple use for it such as, traditional cuisine and craft, clothing, housing, transportation and entertainment. It can be seen as a symbol of the Atayal ethnic group, "Where there are Atayal , there is osmanthus bamboo".

    Qapu Youth Tour Point will enable you to experience new activities such as cutting, pulling bamboo, and making your own food utensils from A to Z. Learn how the Atayal people use the resources available around them and get familiar with local materials.

    2. Awaken your taste buds with the wild and local vegetables and the authentic Atayal specialities, the fusion of the past and the contemporary cuisine. And through these to understand the Atayal food culture.

    1. Handmade bamboo work or tribal villa...
  • Jialan, Taoyuan Youth Travel Spot
    1. Authentic tribal village walking tou...
  • Xiayunping Experimental Youth Travel Spot, Taoyuan
    1. Introduction to Atayal culture
    2. L...
  • Longtan, Taoyuan Youth Travel Spot
    1. In-depth tea plantation experience
  • Xiangshan, Hsinchu Youth Travel Spot
    1. Fishing village walking tour
    2. DIY...
  • Guanxi, Hsinchu Youth Travel Spot
    1. Hakka community culture
    2. Hakka Co...
  • Qionglin, Hsinchu Youth Travel Spot
    1. Explore the forest with the five sen...
  • Sanyi, Maoli Youth Travel Spot
    1. Learn about lemongrass
    2. Experienc...
  • Yuanli, Miaoli Youth Travel Spot


    Jin Liang Shin Brick Factory is the earliest tunnel kiln at Miao Li. Having been through about 50 years in development and transformation, in addition to the traditional brick production, it has established Wan Li Brick Cultural Museum which is the only one for the purpose so far in Taiwan, and earned its title as Factory for Truism as well as Business of Innovative Life from Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C. It leads Jin Liang Shin to start the services of innovative and tourism business. Jin Liang Shin as JLS in initial form has been registered at Intellectual Property Office to be a famous trade mark. It has been devoted to Production, Living, Ecology-Oriented for forever running and development by activating the industrial heritage as the beneficial model of the local community.

    1. Experience brickwork
    2. Rush cultur...
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