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Youth Travel Spots

Youth Travel Spots

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  • Keelung Ocean Youth Travel Spot


    Our purpose is through these activities to let all the youth 

    can understand the diverse characteristics of the ocean.

    On Keelung Island, they can learn about the plants native to Taiwan, 

    as well as the rich geological landscape and the fishing field.

    From Keelung’s characteristic of fishing:through the Squid,

    we can learn about the abundance and the ocean pollution of Taiwan.

    It is expected that the integration of experience itinerary and fish-eating education will allow young people to better understand Taiwan’s fishery culture and industrial characteristics.


    1. Ocean culture
    2. Traditional fishin...
  • Baimiweng Experimental Youth Travel Spot, Keelung

    Walk into a small village with full of stories, learn about the transformation of a small fishing port into a container terminal, and feeling the change of the Keelung port and Baimiweng fort while eating local Dock lunch at Community.

    Taibai Village is located in the special mountain topography of Keelung, the village closest to the dock , which include the bridge crane dock operation can be seen at a glance. On the right, we can see the Keelung Lighthouse, which is century-old and a historic site on the top of Keelung City, is open to visitors. You can enjoy the scenery of ships passing by Keelung Port and watch the entry and exit of giant luxury cruise ships. When walking into the secret place of Taibai village, you can walk slowly along the bottom of the hillside towards the Baimiweng Fort. There have charming scenery and a wide field of vision view is waiting for you. A professional tour guide will help you understand the cultural and historical context of Baimiweng Fort. Explore the secret land of Taibai Village, enjoy the unique "Dock Meal", experience activities for dock workers, hang wish cards at Yuelao Leisure Park, etc... 

    "One Tower, One Village, One Fort" leads students to understand Keelung from all aspects and visit the local culture on the spot.

    Taking the dock‵s humanities as its connotation and the beautiful scenery of the mountains and sea as its outer packaging, the Keelung Lighthouse,Baimi Weng Fort,and Taibaizhuang Mountain City are combined into "one tower, one village and one fort", which has the most beautiful secret sea view and different historical backgrounds and dock cultures. The goal of this project is allow students to understand the ups and downs of Keelung‵s docks and the past history of the fort in different periods by learning local dock culture, war history, and the importance of Baimiweng Fort and Keelung Lighthouse. Feeling the impact of the changes of the times on the economy, environment, and social changes, pay attention to the identity of the place, and empathize with the changes in the place and cherish the existing life.

    With the support of local volunteers, we hope that the dock can be restored to its former glory. Develop community small travel and tourism industry, let young students come to the village through experiential day study, so that the elders can see hope.The integration of generations requires the vitality of young people, and young people can feel the bitterness of life in the dock coolie era from their elders, and then be inspired to be grateful and filial.

    1. Dock cultural experience.
    2. Histor...
  • Keelung Ocean City Youth Travel Spot

    Language:Mandarin, English

    1.Dye Yam Sea Dyeing Workshop
  • Keelung Culture and History Youth Travel Spot
    1. Ocean culture
    2. Guesthouse culture...
  • Beitou, Taipei Youth Travel Spot


    1. Blue dye DIY
    2. Hot spring history ...
  • Taipei Back In Time Youth Travel Spot


    1. Handmade blue dye
    2. Life in farmin...
  • Maokong, Taipei Youth Travel Spot


    1. Guided tour of Maokong’s culture, te...
  • Taipei Bat Watch Youth Travel Spot



    1. Bat eco-education and observation
  • Youth Travel in Dalongdong, Taipei

    Taipei Dalongdong is an area in Taiwan where two rivers meet. People have been living there for more than 300 years. Over time, buildings like Baoan Temple, Confucius Temple, and Shuren Academy (Wenchang Temple) were built and have become important parts of the area's history. If you go to the site of the former Forty-four Pits, you can almost hear the sounds of a busy market from 200 years ago. All of these things show how people used to live in this area a long time ago.

    Dalongdong has a very special and unique culture that is different from other places. To help people understand this culture better, this activity will focus on three important parts of Dalongdong that show its special features. This will help the participants learn more about Dalongdong and appreciate its beauty.

    1. Baoan Temple Culture Tour:

    During this tour, the guide will show you the local people's love for their hometown and their trust in Baoan Temple. You will also learn about the fusion of Quanzhou and Dalongdong cultures and get to try fortune sticks drawing. These sticks are made with plant extracts and are used to bless people with safety and peace.

    2. Shuren Academy (Wenchang Temple):

    During this visit to the century-old academy, you will experience the local cultural tradition of "Three steps for one scholar, five steps for more! " which has been passed down through generations. You will also pray to Wenchang Jun, the God of Literature, for good luck and success in your exams.

    3. The Site of Forty-four pits:

    Dalongdong's Juren Douhua is a special type of tofu pudding created by a scholar named Zhang Shushen from the Xianfeng era. During this activity, you will learn to make Juren Douhua with the help of local cultural experts. This will give you a taste of the hardworking spirit of our ancestors who worked to support their families. Making Juren Douhua by hand allows you to experience the life of ordinary people in the temple's square.

    1. Appreciate how Taipei‵s two rivers f...
  • Shimen, New Taipei Youth Travel Spot


    IPOWER Alliance NPO cultivate community with youth empowerment. We design different education programs for our youth to explore their carrer path as well as community development. 

    During the journey, you will expereince different layers of experiential learning design to engage yourself with our youth and the community. Your reflection will become power to improve what we have been achvining. Your reflection will possibly be part of the change for yourself to bring more ideas into actions with us.

    Regional Empowerment Educational Tour

    1.Sound Bath: Meditate Ourselves

    2.Slow Food: Smooth Mood

    3.Upcycle: Toys From Trash

    4.The World Cafe: Community-related Topics

    Now, welcome to North Coastline of Taiwan.

    1.Five senses learning experience in lo...
  • Sanzhi Experimental Youth Travel Spot, New Taipei
    1. Local exploration
    2. Learn about fa...
  • Sanying, New Taipei Youth Travel Spot


    1. Yingge ceramics humanities exploration

    2. Sancha Literature Town Zhuangyou

    3. Sawuhua tribe learning

    4. Tu Santun Environmental Service Experience Learning

    5. Yingge ceramic kiln town life

    6. Go to the kiln factory to know the pottery kiln, and experience the kiln temperature, kiln fire and kiln just after the kiln.

    1. Explore Yingge pottery culture
    2. S...
  • Shenkeng, New Taipei Youth Travel Spot


    1.Shenkeng Old Street:Understanding the development history of Shenkeng Old Street(Lao Cai Architecture, Lao Cai Humanities Industry Development)。 2.Tofu features:History of tofu culture development in Shenkeng and hand-made tofu experience。 3.Farming experience:Through the explanation and demonstration operation of local agricultural experts, participants can experience the ancient agricultural life for themselves。 4.Ancient trail:Through the on-site investigation of various ancient trails, to understand the relationship between ancient trails and local cultural industries, and take this to take a refreshing journey of body and soul。 5.Tea culture experience:Learn about the history of the development of Shenkeng tea culture, experience a tea ceremony culture on the spot, and take a morning tea tour。

    1. Get to know Shengkeng Old Street‵s h...
  • Jingtong Youth Travel Spot, New Taipei

    1. By choosing to take public transportation (bus 795) and having meals based on natural vegetables, we choose a way that is less polluting and saves resources during travelling.

    2. The first tourist guide route in New Taipei City that focuses on recording women's stories.

    3. Local experts would lead us to know Shiding Shibachongxi, and talk about the revitalization of Firefly Bookstore.

    4. Share the most impressive Jingtong female power story.

    5. Talk about regional revitalization from sky lanterns and delicacy.

    6. Environmental sustainability is an issue that all people must face together, but how to implement it in everyone‵s life?

    1. Women’s perspective guided tour of J...
  • Shifen Youth Travel Spot, New Taipei


    1. Cultural heritage stroll
    2. Shifen ...
  • Shiding Experimental Youth Travel Spot, New Taipei

    Language:Mandarin, English, Japanese

    1. A different side of the Tamsui-Kaval...
  • Sandiao Cape, New Taipei


    1. Fishing village stone building commu...
  • Xizhi, New Taipei
    1.Low Carbon Ecology
    2.Rice" is the ar...
  • Jialan, Taoyuan Youth Travel Spot

    "Kinnyopan, named after the opening of the Roman Road (from Lofu Creek to Mawutu), phonetically pronounced as "Kalan," is a place where the indigenous Atayal people reside. The original place name, also known as knyopan (Qiaoban), means "invaded," belonging to today's Lofu (Laho) with the same name. Kalan is situated at the boundary between Lofu and Xikou tribes, with an elevation over 100 feet higher than both tribes, and a flat hilltop. Initially, the Shimen Reservoir administration established a hydraulic relay station here, with personnel stationed regularly, now incorporated into the Xikou tribe's territory.

    Based on Atayal traditional ecological concepts, activities with elements of wild vegetables and betel nut are created:

    1. Exploring Indigenous Tribes: 

       - Cultural Activities:

         Understanding traditional methods of planting, harvesting wild vegetables, and betel nut by locals, getting acquainted with the indigenous people's way of life, experiencing early Taiwanese indigenous history, and through the culture of food and hunting, elders introduce Atayal life with household utensils (knives, bowls, stoves, pots, shovels, furnaces), hunting tools (traps, rifles), understanding cultural changes, allowing local tribes and young participants to understand that the heritage of tourist spots is not just about food and taste but also the inheritance of Atayal culture. Participants will become pioneers in cultivating farmland at the betel nut cultural park soon to be established by the association, attempting to grow wild vegetables, betel nut, aromatic plants, and other crops required for extreme climates, gaining a deeper understanding of nature.

       - Green Culture:

         As environmental protection and sustainability become mainstream, we need to envision a sustainable future for indigenous tribes by integrating technology and creativity. This aims to make the tribe self-sufficient in terms of food, clothing, shelter, and transportation culture, preparing for extreme climates in the future. This layer of meaning brings reflection, learning, and educational value to young adventurers, also generating new social and cultural meanings of understanding urban and local cultures, encouraging young people to understand tribes, travel across Taiwan, and cultivate enthusiasm and care for this land through diverse thinking and sustainable cultural methods.

       - Tribal Culture:

         Our central base, Kilare Camping Area, not only serves as a base for young adventurers but also provides accommodation and dining for students and travelers. Equipped with a projector and microphone, it can also serve as the best classroom for classes. Here, we invite tribal elders, experts, and teachers to understand early Atayal culture through music (mouth organ) or orally transmitted historical culture, and draw an emotional map belonging to the Kalan young adventurers. Collaborating with local non-profit organizations and high schools, elementary schools (Lofu High School, Lofu Elementary School), it becomes an entry point for young people to understand local and tribal cultures deeply. Encouraging more young people to understand the characteristics and stories of tourist spots, and integrating with local industrial resources to promote sustainable development of local industries.

    2. A Journey of Taste and Aroma:

       - Wild Vegetables, Aromatic Plants, Betel Nut Legends:

         In addition to experiencing sowing, harvesting, and natural farming in the fields of the betel nut cultural park, participants will also experience ecological observation, field cultivation, and flavorful meals using Tayal traditional ingredients in the park. This becomes a culinary journey on the tip of the tongue of Tayal traditional elements. Betel nut is a seasoning that inherits tribal culture in Atayal food culture. In addition to making dishes, developing processed foods with betel nut and wild vegetables series allows participants to taste healthy and safe food harvested from the cultural park instantly during meals, and they can also try making handicrafts with aromatic plants, becoming a gift to take home and share with family. Through a relaxed experience process, participants get to know "real food" and understand the most natural stories behind deliciousness. The entire food journey not only has the taste of food and human feelings but also aims to provide participants with an understanding that everything learned and experienced is carefully managed by the "people" of the local tribe."

    1. Authentic tribal village walking tou...
  • Xiayunping Experimental Youth Travel Spot, Taoyuan
    1. Introduction to Atayal culture
    2. L...
  • Qionglin, Hsinchu Youth Travel Spot
    1. Explore the forest with the five sen...
  • Bailan Indigenous Community, Hsichu Experimental Youth Travel Spot
    1. Appreciate indigenous community scen...
  • Sanyi, Maoli Youth Travel Spot
    1. Learn about lemongrass
    2. Experienc...
  • Yuanli, Miaoli Youth Travel Spot


    Jin Liang Shin Brick Factory is the earliest tunnel kiln at Miao Li. Having been through about 50 years in development and transformation, in addition to the traditional brick production, it has established Wan Li Brick Cultural Museum which is the only one for the purpose so far in Taiwan, and earned its title as Factory for Truism as well as Business of Innovative Life from Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C. It leads Jin Liang Shin to start the services of innovative and tourism business. Jin Liang Shin as JLS in initial form has been registered at Intellectual Property Office to be a famous trade mark. It has been devoted to Production, Living, Ecology-Oriented for forever running and development by activating the industrial heritage as the beneficial model of the local community.

    1. Brick culture and carving
    2. Rush w...
  • Gongguan, Miaoli Youth Travel Spot
    1. Straw weaving
    2. Honey ecological t...
  • Minxiong, Chiayi Youth Travel Spot
    1. Explore local old buildings
    2. Get ...
  • Chayama, Chiayi Youth Travel Spot
    1. Indigenous culture
    2. Mountain fore...
  • Lioujiao, Chaiyi Youth travel spot


    1. Suantou Sugar Factory Japanese dormitories

    2. Putzu Old Street walking tour

    3. Siaomimi Puppet Theater performance and experience

    4. Historic Yong-Jiu Grocery Store

    5. Lioujiao Traditional Market walking tour

    1. Suantou Sugar Factory Japanese dormi...
  • Old City, Chiayi Youth Travel Spot


    1. Get to know century-old Chiayi Botan...
  • Xingang, Chiayi Youth Travel Spot
    1. Bengang field trip
    2. Cochin clip a...
  • Meishan ,Chiayi Youth Travel Spot

    Language:Mandarin, English

    1. Discover local industries
    2. Hanlu ...
  • Dapu, Chiayi Experimental Youth Travel Spot
    1. Ecoculture
    2. Musical instrument ma...
  • Dalin, Chiayi Experimental Youth Travel Spot
    1. Dalin water spirit real life puzzle ...
  • Luermen, Tainan Youth Travel Spot

    Language:Mandarin, English (by reservation), Japanese (by reservation)

    1. Experience life of traditional commo...
  • Community Experience,Tainan  Youth Travel Spot
    1. Traditional sugar industry cultural ...
  • Anping, Tainan Youth Travel Spot

    Language:Mandarin,English(booking service)

    1. Learn about sword lions
    2. City his...
  • Historical, Tainan Youth Travel Spot


    1. City history walking tour
    2. Experi...
  • Qishan, Kaohsiung Youth Travel Spot

    Language:Mandarin,English(booking service)

    Kaohsiung Qishan Youthtravel Spots have 「Winter-Spring Travel」and 「Summer-Fall Travel」.We also have working holiday for youth to experience banana culture. in addition, there are many action will take you into Qishan. You can join Banana Farming,Banana Vegetable dyes,Monuments Tour,Bicycle Tours,Qiwei Mountain climbing, Community Rock show ......etc. We wish you a pleasant journey!

    1. Bananas and local industry discovery...
  • Sanlin, Kaohsiung Experimental Youth Travel Spot

    Kaohsiung Shanlin area is located in the  center of village and is also an important migration path for many ethnic groups.

    The ancestors called this land Nanzixian and it is an important path from the plains to the mountains.

    1. The association is located in the permanent house base of Shanlin. It is an association that takes food culture as its industrial development feature.

    2. Due to the rendezvous and migration of many ethnic groups, there are many ancient roads for ancestors to travel between Shanlin and the surrounding areas, and there are often beautiful scenery on the ancient roads.

    3. Shanlin’s ethnic groups are culturally diverse, with mountain aboriginals, Pingpu ethnic groups, Han Chinese, and Hakka groups also accounting for an important part.

    1. John Thomson cultural trail path.
  • Pingbei Indigenous Community Youth Travel Spot
    1. Encounter Pingbei’s indigenous ecolo...
  • Neipu, Pingtung Youth Travel Spot


    Challenge rope courses

    1. Low elements

    2. High elements

    3. Build your own raft

    4. LNT traceless forest

    1. Outdoor adventure education (rope ex...
  • Donggang, Pingtung Youth Travel Spot
    1. Fishing catch observation
    2. Yanpin...
  • Liuqiu, Pingtung Youth Travel Spot
    1. Eco-friendly travel
    2. Ocean life s...
  • Linbian ,Pingtung Youth Travel Spot

    Language:Mandarin, English

    1. Industrial Culture Exploration
    2. L...
  • Sihjhongsi Experimental Youth Travel Spot, Pingtung

    1. With hot springs as the main body, develop unique agricultural industries (such as winter watermelon).
    2. Looking at the overall historical context and geographical environment of Sichongxi, the local ethnic groups have diverse cultures and unique natural resources.
    3. With the theme of "Bike Travel", its lightweight performance will give you a deeper understanding of every corner of Sichong River, and build your own perception and identity of the land, knowledge and culture of Taiwan.
    4. Incorporating self-picked fruits and agricultural products into lunch, making place-to-table schools, and realizing the importance of local consumption.

    1.Local in-depth tour for bicycle
  • Kinmen Youth Travel Spot


    1. Exploration of Fujianese, battlefiel...
  • Jinsha Village, Matsu Youth Travel Spot

    Language: Mandarin/ English

    This Youth Travel spot will start with the thinking of gamification learning combined with local design. During the tour, it will combine Fujian culture, island culture, and battlefield culture in the day trip. It will include Fuzhou native language teaching and Matsu golden dumpling hands-on experience, and participate in the process. The beach cleaning activity turns the travelers who come to experience it into real family members of Jinsha. It is hoped that through the sustainable tour, we can show our social influence internationally.

    1. Expert guide: Food culture, Fujian C...
  • Rural Island Ocean,Penghu Experimental Youth Travel Spot
    1. Ocean culture
    2. Island learning