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Baimiweng Experimental Youth Travel Spot, Keelung

Baimiweng Experimental Youth Travel Spot, Keelung

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  • Operating Unit

    Baimiweng Workshop

  • Location

    No. 74, Ln. 37, Guanghua Rd., Chungshan Dist., Keelung City

  • Service Time

    Tue-Sun 09:00-17:00

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  • Introduction

    Walk into a small village with full of stories, learn about the transformation of a small fishing port into a container terminal, and feeling the change of the Keelung port and Baimiweng fort while eating local Dock lunch at Community.

    Taibai Village is located in the special mountain topography of Keelung, the village closest to the dock , which include the bridge crane dock operation can be seen at a glance. On the right, we can see the Keelung Lighthouse, which is century-old and a historic site on the top of Keelung City, is open to visitors. You can enjoy the scenery of ships passing by Keelung Port and watch the entry and exit of giant luxury cruise ships. When walking into the secret place of Taibai village, you can walk slowly along the bottom of the hillside towards the Baimiweng Fort. There have charming scenery and a wide field of vision view is waiting for you. A professional tour guide will help you understand the cultural and historical context of Baimiweng Fort. Explore the secret land of Taibai Village, enjoy the unique "Dock Meal", experience activities for dock workers, hang wish cards at Yuelao Leisure Park, etc... 

    "One Tower, One Village, One Fort" leads students to understand Keelung from all aspects and visit the local culture on the spot.

    Taking the dock‵s humanities as its connotation and the beautiful scenery of the mountains and sea as its outer packaging, the Keelung Lighthouse,Baimi Weng Fort,and Taibaizhuang Mountain City are combined into "one tower, one village and one fort", which has the most beautiful secret sea view and different historical backgrounds and dock cultures. The goal of this project is allow students to understand the ups and downs of Keelung‵s docks and the past history of the fort in different periods by learning local dock culture, war history, and the importance of Baimiweng Fort and Keelung Lighthouse. Feeling the impact of the changes of the times on the economy, environment, and social changes, pay attention to the identity of the place, and empathize with the changes in the place and cherish the existing life.

    With the support of local volunteers, we hope that the dock can be restored to its former glory. Develop community small travel and tourism industry, let young students come to the village through experiential day study, so that the elders can see hope.The integration of generations requires the vitality of young people, and young people can feel the bitterness of life in the dock coolie era from their elders, and then be inspired to be grateful and filial.

  • Learning

    1. Dock cultural experience.
    2. Historical context of forts and lighthouses.
    3. Participate in community enterprise.
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