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Yuanli, Miaoli Youth Travel Spot

Yuanli, Miaoli Youth Travel Spot

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  • Operating Unit

    Miaoli County Brick Jiayizu Association

  • Location

    No. 71-17, Jinshan, Shanjiao Village, Yuanli Township, Miaoli County Wan-Li Bricks Museum

  • Service Time

    Wed-Sun 09:00-16:00

  • Contact

    Ms. Li

  • Telephone


  • Email


  • Introduction


    Jin Liang Shin Brick Factory is the earliest tunnel kiln at Miao Li. Having been through about 50 years in development and transformation, in addition to the traditional brick production, it has established Wan Li Brick Cultural Museum which is the only one for the purpose so far in Taiwan, and earned its title as Factory for Truism as well as Business of Innovative Life from Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C. It leads Jin Liang Shin to start the services of innovative and tourism business. Jin Liang Shin as JLS in initial form has been registered at Intellectual Property Office to be a famous trade mark. It has been devoted to Production, Living, Ecology-Oriented for forever running and development by activating the industrial heritage as the beneficial model of the local community.

  • Learning

    1. Brick culture and carving
    2. Rush weaving handicraft
    3. Grain stores and painted rice fields
    4. Historical buildings and relics
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