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Shenkeng, New Taipei Youth Travel Spot

Shenkeng, New Taipei Youth Travel Spot

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  • Operating Unit

    Shenkeng Farmers’Association, New Taipei City 

  • Location

    No. 8, Shenkeng St., Shenkeng Dist., New Taipei City ( Shenkeng Farmers’Association)

  • Service Time

    Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00

  • Contact


  • Telephone

    +886-2-26623226 #52

  • Email


  • Introduction


    1.Shenkeng Old Street:Understanding the development history of Shenkeng Old Street(Lao Cai Architecture, Lao Cai Humanities Industry Development)。 2.Tofu features:History of tofu culture development in Shenkeng and hand-made tofu experience。 3.Farming experience:Through the explanation and demonstration operation of local agricultural experts, participants can experience the ancient agricultural life for themselves。 4.Ancient trail:Through the on-site investigation of various ancient trails, to understand the relationship between ancient trails and local cultural industries, and take this to take a refreshing journey of body and soul。 5.Tea culture experience:Learn about the history of the development of Shenkeng tea culture, experience a tea ceremony culture on the spot, and take a morning tea tour。

  • Learning

    1. Get to know Shengkeng Old Street‵s historical development
    2. About tofu
    3. Experience farming, handicraft, and tea culture
    4. Ancient trail hike
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