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Sanlin, Kaohsiung Experimental Youth Travel Spot

Sanlin, Kaohsiung Experimental Youth Travel Spot

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  • Operating Unit

    Dream Country Cultural Industry Development Association

  • Location

    No. 2, Ln. 146, Hexin Rd., Sanlin Dist., Kaohsiung City

  • Service Time

    Tuesday to Sunday 09:00-17:00

  • Contact

    Alison Fu

  • Telephone


  • Email


  • Introduction

    Kaohsiung Shanlin area is located in the  center of village and is also an important migration path for many ethnic groups.

    The ancestors called this land Nanzixian and it is an important path from the plains to the mountains.

    1. The association is located in the permanent house base of Shanlin. It is an association that takes food culture as its industrial development feature.

    2. Due to the rendezvous and migration of many ethnic groups, there are many ancient roads for ancestors to travel between Shanlin and the surrounding areas, and there are often beautiful scenery on the ancient roads.

    3. Shanlin’s ethnic groups are culturally diverse, with mountain aboriginals, Pingpu ethnic groups, Han Chinese, and Hakka groups also accounting for an important part.

  • Learning

    1. John Thomson cultural trail path.
    2. Food education.
    3. Natural environment and ecological experience.
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