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Jinsha Village, Matsu Youth Travel Spot

Jinsha Village, Matsu Youth Travel Spot

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  • Operating Unit

    Jinsha Community Development Association in Nangan Village, Lianjiang County

  • Location

    No. 61-1, Jinsha Vil., Nangan Township, Lienchiang County

  • Service Time

    Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00

  • Contact

    Ms. Lin

  • Telephone

    +886 970874199

  • Email


  • Introduction

    Language: Mandarin/ English

    This Youth Travel spot will start with the thinking of gamification learning combined with local design. During the tour, it will combine Fujian culture, island culture, and battlefield culture in the day trip. It will include Fuzhou native language teaching and Matsu golden dumpling hands-on experience, and participate in the process. The beach cleaning activity turns the travelers who come to experience it into real family members of Jinsha. It is hoped that through the sustainable tour, we can show our social influence internationally.

  • Learning

    1. Expert guide: Food culture, Fujian Culture, Island Culture, Environmental Ecology
    2. Scenic Spot Exploration: Day Trip of Jinsha Village Culture
    3. Physical and mental exercise: Teamwork in groups
    4. Hands-on experience: DIY of Matsu Golden Sweet Potato Dumplings (cat-chasing experience)
    5. Local issues: Participation in beach cleaning at Jinsha Aokou
    6. Co-create and learn together: GSTC Global Sustainable Tourism Promotion Plan
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