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Sihjhongsi Experimental Youth Travel Spot, Pingtung

Sihjhongsi Experimental Youth Travel Spot, Pingtung

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  • Operating Unit

    Sichongxi hot spring agricultural leisure area

  • Location

    No. 388, Wenquan Rd., Checheng Township, Pingtung Country

  • Service Time

    Mon-Sun 13:00 - 21:00

  • Contact

    Jill CHEN

  • Telephone


  • Email


  • Introduction

    1. With hot springs as the main body, develop unique agricultural industries (such as winter watermelon).
    2. Looking at the overall historical context and geographical environment of Sichongxi, the local ethnic groups have diverse cultures and unique natural resources.
    3. With the theme of "Bike Travel", its lightweight performance will give you a deeper understanding of every corner of Sichong River, and build your own perception and identity of the land, knowledge and culture of Taiwan.
    4. Incorporating self-picked fruits and agricultural products into lunch, making place-to-table schools, and realizing the importance of local consumption.
  • Learning

    1.Local in-depth tour for bicycle
    2.Unique hot spring agriculture guiding
    3.Experience from farmland to dining table
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