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Youth Travel in Dalongdong, Taipei

Youth Travel in Dalongdong, Taipei

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  • Operating Unit

    The Taiwan Huay Association - Our home.Our dream.Our history

  • Location

    Dalongdong, Taipei

  • Service Time

    Mon. to Fri. 11:00-17:00

  • Contact

    Mino Chang

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  • Introduction

    Taipei Dalongdong is an area in Taiwan where two rivers meet. People have been living there for more than 300 years. Over time, buildings like Baoan Temple, Confucius Temple, and Shuren Academy (Wenchang Temple) were built and have become important parts of the area's history. If you go to the site of the former Forty-four Pits, you can almost hear the sounds of a busy market from 200 years ago. All of these things show how people used to live in this area a long time ago.

    Dalongdong has a very special and unique culture that is different from other places. To help people understand this culture better, this activity will focus on three important parts of Dalongdong that show its special features. This will help the participants learn more about Dalongdong and appreciate its beauty.

    1. Baoan Temple Culture Tour:

    During this tour, the guide will show you the local people's love for their hometown and their trust in Baoan Temple. You will also learn about the fusion of Quanzhou and Dalongdong cultures and get to try fortune sticks drawing. These sticks are made with plant extracts and are used to bless people with safety and peace.

    2. Shuren Academy (Wenchang Temple):

    During this visit to the century-old academy, you will experience the local cultural tradition of "Three steps for one scholar, five steps for more! " which has been passed down through generations. You will also pray to Wenchang Jun, the God of Literature, for good luck and success in your exams.

    3. The Site of Forty-four pits:

    Dalongdong's Juren Douhua is a special type of tofu pudding created by a scholar named Zhang Shushen from the Xianfeng era. During this activity, you will learn to make Juren Douhua with the help of local cultural experts. This will give you a taste of the hardworking spirit of our ancestors who worked to support their families. Making Juren Douhua by hand allows you to experience the life of ordinary people in the temple's square.

  • Learning

    1. Appreciate how Taipei‵s two rivers fostered city development
    2. Experience the power of faith
    3. Understand the economics behind budget gourmet food
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