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Xiushui, Changhua Youth Travel Spot

Xiushui, Changhua Youth Travel Spot

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Operating Unit Heming Community Development Association in Xiushui Township, Changhua County
Location No. 182, Mingshan St., Heming Village, Xiushui Township, Changhua County
Service Time Monday to Friday 09:00-19:00
Telephone 0989-098100

Under the summer breeze, riding a bicycle through the tunnel of green trees to reach the endless ecological cocoa garden and non-toxic farmland in the hometown of egrets and migratory birds, wearing rain boots and hats, and hand-harvesting using non-toxic and natural methods The cultivated fruits and vegetables, in addition, I also experience the work of a dairy farmer for a day and sink into the world of craftsmen with milk (you don’t need to go to Australia if you want to work and travel).

During the experience of the itinerary, there is a leisurely and contented rural style, allowing everyone to step into the middle of the field and in the mud pond to contact with the five senses and enjoy the nature.

Combining farming industry with food and flavor DIY to create new rural cuisine, enjoy the noble experience of five senses and obtain high-level happiness harvest, leave the stress of urban annoying life, stroll the rural community to taste afternoon tea, and bring a taste of freshness and nostalgia Grateful, deeply imprinted on the experience of every young and grand travel psychology of the rural workers, whether it is food and agriculture education, environmental education, catering design... and other diversified innovative designs are worthy of young people to explore.

Learning 1. Agricultural education
2. Diversified agriculture
3. Get a taste of being a craftsmen
4. Get a taste of creating the five senses
5. Industry and cultural heritage
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